List of Edge add-ons with 100-1K users

Add-ons (also known as extensions) are small programs that run inside web browsers like Microsoft Edge. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Customize new tab Customize new tab
Publisher: ddpp
User count: 999
Rating: 5
Make browsers that cannot set a new tab page support customizing the new tab page.
#2 FMath 'HTML + MathML' Solution FMath 'HTML + MathML' Solution
Publisher: FMath Inc.
User count: 998
Rating: 1
HTML + MATHML + this extension. Draw/Convert MathML into an image. More info, questions or bug report on
#3 Ambition: ChatGPT for Jobs Ambition: ChatGPT for Jobs
Publisher: RemoteAmbition
User count: 997
Rating: 0
An AI agent that applies to jobs for you
#4 Yanado - Task Management inside Gmail Yanado - Task Management inside Gmail
Publisher: Yanado ltd
User count: 996
Rating: 4
Yanado turns your Gmail into powerful collaboration tool. Create tasks and turn emails into tasks within seconds.
#5 sslspeedy2 sslspeedy2
Publisher: vpnsoso
User count: 996
Rating: 0
secure and speed up your web connections.(default bypass version)默认不走代理,设定的域名才走代理。
#6 autojump autojump
Publisher: 林炳权
User count: 991
Rating: 5
In OSChina, Zhihu, Juejin, Jianshu and CSDN websites will jump to third-party links without feeling, which can save a lot of time.
#7 Lake HD Wallpapers New Tab Theme Lake HD Wallpapers New Tab Theme
User count: 991
Rating: 0
Install this theme and enjoy HD wallpapers of Lakes every time you open a new tab.
#8 MineWeather MineWeather
Publisher: Sawyer Pollard
User count: 990
Rating: 9
Make your new tab page display a crafty scene based on the weather!
#9 VPNizer VPNizer
Publisher: YSolutions
User count: 990
Rating: 8
Free VPN
#10 Wikipedia night mode Wikipedia night mode
Publisher: Nik Petrov
User count: 990
Rating: 3
Wikipedia night mode allows you to work more comfortably on the Wikipedia website in the dark or in low light
#11 Sitemap Explorer Sitemap Explorer
User count: 990
Rating: 1
This extension helps you find, inspect, export, and view XML Sitemap files for any site you navigate in a browser.
#12 Download Image from Context Menu Download Image from Context Menu
Publisher: Erisa A
User count: 989
Rating: 9
Adds a context (Right click) menu item to images which allows you to directly download them without a prompt.
#14 Page Manipulator Page Manipulator
Publisher: Ruud14
User count: 988
Rating: 5
Inject HTML, CSS or JavaScript into any web-page. The changes you make are applied everytime you visit the specified website(s).
#15 Quick Notes Quick Notes
Publisher: Anand Kaushik
User count: 984
Rating: 4
An extension to quickly make notes in browser ie. Quick Notes
#16 Film scores for Netflix Film scores for Netflix
User count: 983
Rating: 5
Enriches Netflix site with a ratings based on the scores from most popular review websites.
#17 柠檬鲸回国加速器 - Limewhale VPN 2021 柠檬鲸回国加速器 - Limewhale VPN 2021
Publisher: WICKY INC.
User count: 982
Rating: 10
#19 Google Meet Party Button Google Meet Party Button
Publisher: Free Online Apps
User count: 981
Rating: 7
Send your celebrate effects during the Google Meet
#20 JSON[B] Viewer JSON[B] Viewer
Publisher: Luewell
User count: 980
Rating: 1
JSON[B] is a editor online web-based tool to view, edit, format, transform and diff JSON documents.
#21 Reverse Image Search Reverse Image Search
Publisher: Free Extensions
User count: 979
Rating: 5
Search images on your browser just one click.
#22 Video Portal Video Portal
Publisher: Pahrondat
User count: 979
Rating: 1
New and exciting way to watch your favorite Videos
#24 Computub Screenshotter Computub Screenshotter
Publisher: Computub Apps
User count: 977
Rating: 1
The best way to screenshot your browser
#25 Kraken Kraken
Publisher: ultraknown
User count: 977
Rating: 0
Sniff Video, Audio and any other file type from webpage, assist Kraken desktop App download.
3,610 results. Page 1 of 145.