List of Edge add-ons with 100K-1M users

Add-ons (also known as extensions) are small programs that run inside web browsers like Microsoft Edge. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

There are over 8,000 Edge-addons, making it hard to find the best ones. so we have created a way to sort through all of them. Use the dropdown above to set different filters. Add-ons are sorted by number of active users.

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#1 Kaspersky Password Manager Kaspersky Password Manager
Publisher: Kaspersky Lab
User count: 982,386
Rating: 473
Securely autofills your logins and passwords, bank card details, and addresses on websites you visit.
#2 NordVPN - VPN Proxy for Privacy and Security NordVPN - VPN Proxy for Privacy and Security
Publisher: nordvpn S.A.
User count: 978,620
Rating: 310
One click, and you're connected to the fastest VPN out there — NordVPN. Stay safe online with our VPN proxy extension for Edge.
#3 Pinterest Save Button Pinterest Save Button
Publisher: Pinterest Inc.
User count: 965,155
Rating: 121
Save your favorite ideas online so you can easily get back to them later.
#4 Total Adblock - Ad Blocker Total Adblock - Ad Blocker
Publisher: Total AV
User count: 959,320
Rating: 1,057
Instantly block annoying ads, pop-ups & intrusive trackers with Total Adblock.
#5 ZenMate Free VPN – Best VPN for Edge ZenMate Free VPN – Best VPN for Edge
Publisher: ZenGuard GmbH
User count: 934,511
Rating: 816
ZenMate VPN - The best free Edge VPN extension to hide your IP.
#6 Avast SafePrice | Comparison, deals, coupons Avast SafePrice | Comparison, deals, coupons
Publisher: AVAST Software
User count: 923,746
Rating: 17
Find the best prices, deals and discount coupons while shopping online with the price comparison and coupon extension by Avast.
#7 Magic VPN - Best Free VPN for Edge Magic VPN - Best Free VPN for Edge
Publisher: MagicVpn
User count: 917,480
Rating: 6,407
Free and secure proxy accelerator plug-in, protect your privacy and enjoy unrestricted Internet services.
#8 Touch VPN - Secure and unlimited VPN proxy Touch VPN - Secure and unlimited VPN proxy
Publisher: Pango Inc.
User count: 894,675
Rating: 194
Unblock any website and stay secure with Touch VPN. One-click connect to our fast VPN. Unlimited bandwidth and completely FREE!
#9 Saladict - Pop-up Dictionary and Page Translator Saladict - Pop-up Dictionary and Page Translator
Publisher: rumosky
User count: 870,687
Rating: 577
Saladict is an all-in-one professional pop-up dictionary and page translator which supports multiple search modes, page translations, new word notebook and PDF selection searching.
#10 Use My Current Account Use My Current Account
Publisher: Claire Novotny
User count: 841,665
Rating: 17
Use the browser's profile when signing into Microsoft sites.
#12 在线音乐盒 在线音乐盒
User count: 795,614
Rating: 306
包含了网易云音乐,虾米,QQ音乐, 酷狗音乐,酷我音乐的曲库,够全够大了吧,搜歌,听歌就用在线音乐盒 listen 1
#13 Authenticator: 2FA Client Authenticator: 2FA Client
Publisher: mymindstorm
User count: 779,823
Rating: 49
Authenticator generates two-factor authentication codes in your browser.
#14 Mendeley Web Importer Mendeley Web Importer
User count: 756,640
Rating: 395
Fast, convenient import of references and PDFs to your Mendeley Reference Manager library.
#15 Sider: ChatGPT Sidebar, GPT4, Plugin & Web Sider: ChatGPT Sidebar, GPT4, Plugin & Web
Publisher: Vidline Inc.
User count: 745,153
Rating: 2,452
ChatGPT sidebar as your AI assistant on any page
#16 Evernote Web Clipper Evernote Web Clipper
Publisher: Evernote
User count: 740,943
Rating: 127
Use the Evernote extension to save things you see on the web into your Evernote account.
#17 AIX Downloader(Picture/Video/Music) AIX Downloader(Picture/Video/Music)
Publisher: html5gamer
User count: 737,097
Rating: 36
Download online videos, music, mp3, images etc from websites and manage all downloaded files.
#18 1Password – Password Manager 1Password – Password Manager
Publisher: AgileBits Inc.
User count: 714,381
Rating: 260
The best way to experience 1Password in your browser. Easily sign in to sites, generate passwords, and store secure information.
#19 Dynatrace Real User Monitoring Dynatrace Real User Monitoring
Publisher: Dynatrace LLC
User count: 710,540
Rating: 0
This extension allows you to monitor (SaaS) applications where installation of Dynatrace OneAgent is not possible.
#20 Dashlane — Password Manager Dashlane — Password Manager
Publisher: Dashlane
User count: 706,530
Rating: 598
Dashlane makes the internet easier. Save all your passwords, fill forms fast, and keep your data accessible and safe.
#21 Free VPN for Edge - VPN Proxy VeePN Free VPN for Edge - VPN Proxy VeePN
Publisher: VeePN Corp.
User count: 699,884
Rating: 1,095
Fast, ultra secure, and easy to use VPN service to protect your privacy online. Enjoy Unlimited Traffic and Bandwidth!
#22 Ghostery – Privacy Ad Blocker Ghostery – Privacy Ad Blocker
Publisher: Ghostery
User count: 696,677
Rating: 153
Ghostery is a powerful privacy extension. Block ads, stop trackers and speed up websites.
#23 Browsec VPN - Free VPN for Edge Browsec VPN - Free VPN for Edge
Publisher: Browsec LLC
User count: 696,087
Rating: 172
Browsec VPN is an Edge VPN extension that protects your IP from Internet threats and lets you browse privately for free.
#24 Разблокировать Рутрекер / Rutracker Разблокировать Рутрекер / Rutracker
User count: 671,790
Rating: 120
Открыть доступ к Рутрекер, разблокировка торрент трекера Rutracker
#25 正实惠 正实惠
User count: 665,139
Rating: 0
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