Grow your browser extensions

Track, compare, and analyze browser extensions

Premium plan
7 days money back guaranteed
Supported platforms
‐ Access extension stats across all platforms
1 year of historical stats access
‐ Access to all ranking stats, all pages, and 365 days of past data
Unlimited extension tracking
‐ Unlimited extension tracking. Receive notification through email and Slack.
Inspect and diff source codes
‐ Download, inspect, and diff extension source code for all available versions
Risk and reviews analysis
‐ View risk score reasons and analyze up to 100 most recent reviews
Compare extensions
‐ Compare 2+ extensions side-by-side, including historical stats
Advanced search
‐ Run complex query to filter out extensions within seconds
Raw data
‐ Download raw data CSV to run your own analysis
No ads
‐ Browse our website without seeing any ads!
Additional license
‐ Contact us to provision additional licenses at $12/mo/license

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Not sure which plan is the right choice for you, or need a solution that is not listed here? Tell us about your use-case so we can help you!

Do I need to sign in to use the free plan?

Our free plan is available to all users. You can access most of our websites without signing in. Signing in will allow us to provide you with more customization, save your preference, and get in touch with you in the future. Free plan is sponsored by ads, so you will see ads throughout our product, which will be hidden when you upgrade to our paid plan.

Do I need to pay to use ChromeStats?

No, many of the features on our site are available for free. However, signing up to the paid plan will give you more features, such as unlimited extension tracking, download and inspect past extension versions, run advanced search queries, export raw data, etc.

What is 7 days money back guaranteed?

If you are not happy with our premium plan, please contact us at within 7 days of purchase for a full refund. All we ask is that you give us some feedbacks so we can improve our service in the future.

An extension I use is no longer working, can ChromeStats help?

ChromeStats is a service that provides stats and insights into browser extensions. We do NOT own the extensions hosted here. If you run into an issue with an extension, please reach out to the extension developer instead. You can find the extension developer website and/or email on the extension overview page.

Do you offer API access?

Yes! You can sign up to use our programmatic API access here.

Note: Programmatic API access is billed separately from the subscription on the main ChromeStats website. If you would like to subscribe to both, send us an email at for a discount.

How often do you refresh the data?

We crawl daily. All ranking data are refreshed every day.

Why can't I find some older versions of an extension?

We started ChromeStats in late 2020, and continued to enhance it over the years. As such, some extension versions that are published before we started our project may not be available on ChromeStats.

We started EdgeStats in early 2022 and FirefoxStats in mid 2022. Unfortunately we do not have data before we started our project.

Can I access stats older than 1 year?

We continue to enhance our data over the years. As such, some of our oldest data may not be as accurate or as comprehensive as our newer data. We do not generally allow access to extremely old stats through our website. However, premium members can download them as raw data.

Can I cancel my subscription? What is the refund policy?

We are a subscription-based service. You can cancel your subscription at any time during the billing period. If you cancel before the end of the subscription, we will refund the prorated amount.

Can I change my subscription later?

You can use Manage Subscription button (only shown after you have subscribed to a paid plan) to cancel or make changes to your plan. If you are unsure, feel free contact us!

What is historical data access?

Historical data access allows you to select an older date to view the data on the selected date, allowing you to go back in time and see the stats, summary, screenshots, etc. in the past.

Do you support non-Chrome extension stats?

In addition to Chrome extension stats on Chrome Web Store, we also support Edge add-on stats and Firefox add-on stats. Your ChromeStats subscription will automatically work for Edge and Firefox as well and vice-versa. (You may need to login to each site again)

What if I have more questions?

Please check out our documentations. You can also send us a message