List of Edge add-ons with 10K-100K users

Add-ons (also known as extensions) are small programs that run inside web browsers like Microsoft Edge. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

There are over 8,000 Edge-addons, making it hard to find the best ones. so we have created a way to sort through all of them. Use the dropdown above to set different filters. Add-ons are sorted by number of active users.

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#1 User-Agent Switcher and Manager User-Agent Switcher and Manager
Publisher: Bermet
User count: 99,282
Rating: 23
Spoof websites trying to gather information about your web navigation to deliver distinct content you may not want
#2 ChatGPT Summary AI for any websites ChatGPT Summary AI for any websites
Publisher: Summary ChatGPT
User count: 99,208
Rating: 78
Summarize any webpage or Youtube video using ChatGPT on Edge. Get the summary with GPT-4.
#3 Dragon Web Extension Dragon Web Extension
User count: 98,465
Rating: 95
Dragon Web Extension for Microsoft Edge
#4 QR Code Generator QR Code Generator
User count: 98,229
Rating: 366
A super handy QR Code Generator / Creator for you.
#5 FeHelper(前端助手) FeHelper(前端助手)
Publisher: 阿烈叔
User count: 98,160
Rating: 27
#6 Smarty Smarty
Publisher: JoinSmarty, LLC
User count: 97,686
Rating: 33
Add coupon codes & get cash back when shopping online! By installing, you agree to the terms at
#7 Dark Mode - Night Eye Dark Mode - Night Eye
Publisher: RAZORdeveloper
User count: 97,441
Rating: 274
Switch each website to dark mode / light mode as desired. Take care of your eyes with Night Eye.
#8 Minecraft New Tab Minecraft New Tab
User count: 97,423
Rating: 128
Welcome to the Minecraft New Tab extension!
#9 Streak CRM for Gmail Streak CRM for Gmail
Publisher: Streak
User count: 97,403
Rating: 3
Manage sales and customer relationships directly inside Gmail.
#10 Sound Booster - Increase your volume Sound Booster - Increase your volume
Publisher: Sound Booster
User count: 97,349
Rating: 135
Feel sound at the new level and enjoy it with the most powerful volume booster!
#11 Toucan - Language Learning Toucan - Language Learning
User count: 96,489
Rating: 177
Learn a new language just by browsing the internet.
#13 Exelise cleanup tool Exelise cleanup tool
Publisher: Exelise cleanup
User count: 95,174
Rating: 1
Completely cleans your browser
#14 JSONView JSONView
Publisher: Chintan9
User count: 95,101
Rating: 11
View JSON documents in the browser.
#15 Dynamics CRM File Download Fix Dynamics CRM File Download Fix
Publisher: Reenhanced, LLC
User count: 94,638
Rating: 3
Resolves the apostrophe wrapped file download issue with Dynamics 365. Provided by
#16 b站视频下载助手 bilibili video downloader b站视频下载助手 bilibili video downloader
Publisher: Faithe Wollaston
User count: 94,350
Rating: 169
bilibili video downloader, one click to download videos easily.
#17 Adblock Ultimate - ad block for all Websites Adblock Ultimate - ad block for all Websites
Publisher: AdBlock Ultimate
User count: 94,292
Rating: 107
Effectively ablock tool on all websites in Edge. Block ads and popup, banners, pre-roll. Perfect adblocker for remove Youtube ads.
#18 CSDN·浏览器助手 CSDN·浏览器助手
User count: 94,131
Rating: 180
一款集成本地书签、历史记录与 CSDN搜索( 的搜索工具
#19 Fatkun Batch Download Image Fatkun Batch Download Image
Publisher: Fatkun
User count: 93,807
Rating: 29
An useful image batch download extension.You can filter by resolution or link.
#20 Code Verify Code Verify
Publisher: Facebook
User count: 93,710
Rating: 2
An extension to verify the code running in your browser matches what was published.
#23 Clean Master: the best Edge Cache Cleaner Clean Master: the best Edge Cache Cleaner
User count: 92,680
Rating: 21
One-click cleans your browser cache and trash, protects your privacy, and makes your browser faster and productive
#24 Video downloader for YouTube Video downloader for YouTube
Publisher: Lew_Dev
User count: 90,752
Rating: 78
Looking for youtube video downloader? Install the Video downloader for YouTube and download video from YouTube.
810 results. Page 1 of 33.