Everything Metric - Auto Unit Converter

Everything Metric - Auto Unit Converter

Automatic page translation from American to International System of units

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What is Everything Metric - Auto Unit Converter?

Everything Metric - Auto Unit Converter is an extension for the Edge browser which effortlessly changes American and British measurement units into the International System of Units (Metric) on all web pages. Examples can be seen while shopping on Amazon or following cooking recipes. The add-on covers all vital conversions like inch, feet, yard, mile to metre, pound, ounce, stone to kilogram, Fahrenheit to Celsius, etc. It also provides an option to disable/enable the extension globally and a shortcut for forced conversion.

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By: milosp
Users: 1,436
Rating: 4.30 (3)
Version: 3.4 (Last updated: 2020-01-27)
Creation date: 2020-01-27
Manifest version: 2
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Not available on Firefox

This add-on automatically translates all sites from American/British units to International System of units (SI/Metric), adding converted unit in brackets behind USC units.

Example: 10 feet 🠚 10 feet【𝟯 𝗺】

Convenient for Amazon shopping, cooking, etc.

Inch, Feet, Yard, Mile -> Metre (Meter) Pound, Ounce, Stone -> Kilogram Gallon, Quart, Pint, Fluid Ounces, Cups -> Litre (Liter) mpg -> L/100 km mph -> km/h Fahrenheit -> Celsius Area conversion for ft, yd, in, mi, both as "sq. ft" and "ft²" (must not be superscript); the same is for volume conversion.

Toolbar button to turn ON/OFF globally

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User reviews
Perfect. It does what it says It does!
by Alexandre, 2021-04-11

works fine and i like the way it translates the text keeping it in brackets, however i noticed that it just uses generic conversions assuming that everything in a liquid...not item-specific. For example, in a lot of recipes they have things like 1 cup of chopped nuts, but this isn't equivalent to mL of 1 cup of water. I'd be wary of any automatic conversion it uses that isn't a liquid
by Sam, 2021-03-06
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Risk impact

Everything Metric - Auto Unit Converter is risky to use as it requires a number of sensitive permissions that can potentially harm your browser and steal your data. Exercise caution when installing this add-on. Review carefully before installing. We recommend that you only install Everything Metric - Auto Unit Converter if you trust the publisher.

Risk likelihood

Everything Metric - Auto Unit Converter has earned a fairly good reputation and likely can be trusted.

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