AutonomIQ offers a developers platform ChroPath to generate and validate unique selectors like relative xpath with iframe support

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What is ChroPath?

ChroPath is an Edge add-on called 'ChroPath' that serves as a developers platform for generating and validating unique selectors like relative xpath with iframe support. It offers features such as xpath and CSS evaluation, automation script steps generation, and support for iframe and dynamic attributes.

This add-on was removed from Edge Add-on Store on 2022-08-24
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Users: 8,007
Rating: 4.10 (9)
Version: 6.1.5 (Last updated: 2020-06-05)
Creation date: 2020-06-05
Manifest version: 2
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Size: 555.71K
Risk impact: High risk impact
Risk likelihood: High risk likelihood

Other platforms

Not available on Chrome
Not available on Firefox

ChroPath generates all possible selectors just by one click. ChroPath can also be used as Editor for selectors. It makes easy to write, edit, extract, and evaluate XPath queries on any webpage. ChroPath Studio helps to record all manual steps along with automation steps. With smart maintenance feature, all xpaths can be verified from script. ChroPath also supports iframe, multi selectors generation, dynamic attributes, generate relative xpath with custom attribute, automation script steps generation.

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  1. Right-click on the web page, and then click Inspect.
  2. In the right side of Elements tab, click on ChroPath tab. Please refer attached screenshot.
  3. To generate selectors, inspect element or click on any DOM node, it will generate the unique relative XPath/absolute XPath/CSS selector/linkText/partialLinkText.
  4. To evaluate XPath/CSS, type the XPath/CSS query and press enter key. As you enter, it will query in DOM for the relevant element/node. You can view the matching node(s) and nodes value as per their sequential occurrence. A green colour outline appears around to highlight the first matching elements and rest in blue colour in the web page.
  5. If you mouse hover on any matching node in the ChroPath tab, green/blue dashed outline will convert into dotted orange red to highlight the corresponding element in the webpage.
  6. If the found element is not in visible area on webpage then mouse hover on found node in ChroPath panel will scroll that element in the visible area with dotted orange red outline.
  7. If found element is not highlighted but visible then on mouse hover on matching node on ChroPath tab it will highlight element with dotted orange red outline.
  8. copy the locators by clicking on copy icon.
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Risk impact

ChroPath is risky to use as it requires a number of sensitive permissions that can potentially harm your browser and steal your data. Exercise caution when installing this add-on. Review carefully before installing. We recommend that you only install ChroPath if you trust the publisher.

Risk likelihood

ChroPath may not be trust-worthy. Avoid installing if possible unless you really trust this publisher.

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