Multilator is a multifunctional financial calculator with 4 financial calculators for different needs

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What is Multilator?

Multilator is an Edge add-on by The latest version, 1.0, was updated 15 days ago.

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Version: 1.0 (Last updated: 2023-05-22)
Creation date: 2023-05-22
Manifest version: 3
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Risk impact: Very low risk impact
Risk likelihood: High risk likelihood

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Multilator is a comprehensive Microsoft Edge add-on that provides users with four powerful calculators to meet a variety of financial needs. Whether you're planning loan payments, calculating compound interest, analyzing bond prices, or assessing bond durations, this addon offers a versatile toolkit to assist you in making informed financial decisions.

Key Features:
1. Monthly Loan Payment Calculator:
   The Monthly Loan Payment Calculator helps you determine the monthly payment amount for various types of loans, including mortgages, car loans, and personal loans. By entering the loan amount, interest rate, and loan term, you can quickly calculate the precise monthly payment. Additionally, an amortization schedule is generated to visualize the payment breakdown over the loan duration.

2. Compound Interest Calculator:
   The Compound Interest Calculator enables you to calculate the future value of an investment or the outstanding amount on a loan after compounding. By inputting the initial principal amount, interest rate, compounding frequency, and time period, you can accurately estimate the compounded amount or the remaining balance.

3. Bond Price Calculator:
   The Bond Price Calculator assists in determining the fair price of a bond based on factors such as coupon rate, yield to maturity, and time to maturity. By providing these essential details, you can evaluate the value of a bond, facilitating investment decisions or portfolio analysis.

4. Bond Duration Calculator:
   The Bond Duration Calculator helps you calculate the duration of a bond, which measures its price sensitivity to changes in interest rates. By inputting the bond's coupon rate, yield to maturity, and time to maturity, you can assess the duration of the bond and better manage risk within your investment portfolio.

With the Multilator addon, users gain access to four powerful calculators designed to simplify financial calculations. Whether you need assistance with loan payments, compound interest, bond prices, or bond durations, this addon provides accurate results and supports better financial decision-making.
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Multilator is safe to use. It does not request any sensitive permissions.

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Risk likelihood

Multilator may not be trust-worthy. Avoid installing if possible unless you really trust this publisher.

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